Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Can I be there to nurse him back to health?

A very attractive young man has decided to come forth with details about the incident this past Friday in which he was gay-bashed. Franklin Street, of all places! Chapel Hill is a fairly liberal, progressive little town, consisting of the University and little else, which makes this sort of thing all the more jarring. The students there are certainly no strangers to real, live homosexuals, as they have popular town councilman Mark Kleinschmidt, who is dating the dashing mayor of nearby Carrboro, Mike Nelson. This is all a tad terrifying to someone who lives in a fairly conservative little town, consisting of the barely progressive University and little else, like Gainesville can seem at times.

The good that may come of this is a push to include queers as a protected class in North Carolina's hate-crime legislation. The accomplishment thereof will require nothing short of a miracle and at the very least, a chilly breeze in Hades. Nevertheless, it's a noble fight, and these are the real trenches. The battles of gay adoption and marriage are ancillary to basic right-to-live arguments.

Gay Beating Victim Breaks Silence [NBC17]

(watch the video!)

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