Thursday, April 07, 2005

A weekend chock-full of shoe envy.

As I mentioned, I attended the Log Cabin Republican National Convention this weekend, where I made the acquaintance of many wonderful people, not the least of whom was GayPatriotWest. I went to dinner with my fellow Floridian and a group he had networked with at the cocktail reception, only to discover that the man sitting across from me was a bona fide hero of the gay right-wing conspiracy. He's a very sharp guy (and plenty sharp-looking, if I may say so) whose opinions I don't always agree with, but I can always understand as being well-thought-out.

I also met Eva Young, who I hadn't read before, but is a quick-witted Midwesterner and fellow scientist who was delighted at my belt buckle, which features the periodic table of the elements.

I was delighted to get to meet Christine Todd Whitman, although Ben Stein and Chris Matthews cancelled, and the whole LCR staff, including Patrick Guerriero, Chris Barron, Jeff Cook, and the Board. I may have grabbed Chris Barron's ass in the Bourbon Street Pub and Disco.


Green chastity pants. Enough said. I mean, I'm all for graphic novels and organized religion, but they are largely immiscible in my opinion.

My biggest beef with the RC folks, aside from my concerns about JP2 himself, has been that you oughtn't vault a simple man to a superhuman status. People tend to confuse respect for the leadership of their church with semideification. Of course, this kind of pedestal-putting isn't exclusive to the mackerel-snappers; holy-rollers and bible-thumpers of all stripe are guilty of overzealous respect for their men of faith. When I was coming up as a wee young thing, I saw many members of the congregation who were preacher-followers. While not the gravest sin in and of itself, changing churches just to hear the same pastor is indicative of an attitude more severe than appropriate in light of that whole jealous God bit. Let's not even get into the adoration lauded upon Dr. Dobson and the Reverend Falwell by the "Religious Right."

Moral of the story is, no man should stand between God and a believer. While the Episcopalians are guilty of having a head of church also, I don't think QE2 puts out pamphlets on how to vote so as not to violate Non-Negotiable Issues of the Church, nor do you find prayer beads with her likeness on them.

Superpope of Colombia [Y!]

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

See you at the Fruit Loop.

Life has been busy, but I have to stop and smell the shit hitting the fan once in a while. Looks like the good minister's deeds are catching up with him. It's not pneumonia, I'm sure, but cancer. You know, of the soul.

The Rev. Jerry Falwell Back in Hospital [Y!]

In other news, we're trying to establish the first campus chapter of Log Cabin Republicans here at UF, and yesterday the national field director, a super cute kid named Jeff Cook, offered a rather attractive discount on the National Convention this weekend on la Rue Bourbon in New Orleans. You'll be able to pick me out of the crowd pretty easily; I'll be the awkward, poorly-dressed college kid wondering how everyone can afford Prada. After all, I'm just a Banana Republican. Buy me a drink!

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Chez moi could use a little help, I think.

Jordan, of Cheese and Crackers, rounds up some public opinion on fledgling cleaning service DormAid. This company was started by a Harvard sophomore and acts as a liaison between messy residence hall students and professional tidying crews. Sounds like a bright idea, no? A capitalist venture if ever there was one, but we all know that no good deed goes unpunished.

The student newspaper was quick to attack the concept, alleging that it calls to the forefront of public view the socioeconomic chasm between the haves and have-nots at the ever-egalitarian Harvard.

Please. The class divide at the most prestigious school in the Americas separates those who summered on their daddy's fifty-foot pleasurecraft harbored at Palm Beach and those that spent it at the old dingy cottage in the Hamptons.

Now let's talk about a school where the socioeconomic gap is a bit wider. Heck, it's not just a gap, it's an Old Navy and a Banana Republic too. Admittedly, Florida might not be the most diverse school, and the classes do tend to divide between the dorm areas (cf. "the Murph" vs. the Honors Residental College), but it's certainly a more pertinent dialogue to open hither than yon.

Fortunately for the liberal redistributionists who would attack such a plan here, it is already expressly prohibited. In fact, commercial ventures on state property (such as the residence halls) are as a class verboten. Pizza delivery is not allowed any closer to the buildings than curbside, and corporate party sponsors are not allowed to host events, however solicited they may be. Why, you may ask? As an RA, I justify the regulations externally as avoiding perceived state endorsement of a private service. As an inquisitive staff member, however, I think it's just so that we have a handy rule to point to when we escort strippers out of dorm rooms for noise violations.

Oh the inequality!

Thursday, March 10, 2005

I was so wrong about her.

She's not dicking around like I said.

She's curing AIDS.

That's hot.™

Oh, How You Underestimate Paris at Gawker

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

I would take a bottle of gin, too. Just not the fifth of Churchill's in my freezer.

"When asked, 'Do you believe you have a drinking problem?' Oscar Goodman replied, 'No. I love to drink.'"

Las Vegas Mayor Addresses Gin Comment [KLAS]

Sounds like a freshman girl at her first frat party.

I can understand where participating in a drinking contest would be fun, although not with tequila (I'm a gin or rye man myself). I can understand where the lure of 10,000 pesos could lead you to drink too much. I can understand where being 21 might encourage poor decision-making.

What I can't understand is how you can take 50 shots of tequila and not realize you won't get to collect the cash.

Man Dies After Winning Tequila Drinking Contest [Local6]

Monday, March 07, 2005

The only schools that won today are ones where I know great writers are.

It was a bitter day of close upsets, but in the end, all was right with the world. Well, maybe not all.

In particular, this was a great way to close a career for the dreamy David Lee, whose passing presence in the Reitz Union always leaves me scrambling to put my eye back.

Late FTs lift Florida over third-ranked Kentucky [CNN/SI]

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

All the hip kids call it *$

I love managers and corporate conferences.

Starbucks’ Siren Call of the Damned

Can I be there to nurse him back to health?

A very attractive young man has decided to come forth with details about the incident this past Friday in which he was gay-bashed. Franklin Street, of all places! Chapel Hill is a fairly liberal, progressive little town, consisting of the University and little else, which makes this sort of thing all the more jarring. The students there are certainly no strangers to real, live homosexuals, as they have popular town councilman Mark Kleinschmidt, who is dating the dashing mayor of nearby Carrboro, Mike Nelson. This is all a tad terrifying to someone who lives in a fairly conservative little town, consisting of the barely progressive University and little else, like Gainesville can seem at times.

The good that may come of this is a push to include queers as a protected class in North Carolina's hate-crime legislation. The accomplishment thereof will require nothing short of a miracle and at the very least, a chilly breeze in Hades. Nevertheless, it's a noble fight, and these are the real trenches. The battles of gay adoption and marriage are ancillary to basic right-to-live arguments.

Gay Beating Victim Breaks Silence [NBC17]

(watch the video!)

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